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New Construction

Building a unique new yacht begins with an idea, a vision. In Saltwater Yachts we share your vision to build and own a yacht that will perform to the highest level in terms of quality and performance, a project that will be bespoke and will as an end result exceed your expectations.

Out team will commit to translate and realise your dream and vision to an unparalleled yacht construction to the highest engineering & aesthetic standards.

In Saltwater Yachts we understand that an on-time and within budget launching of your new yacht is key to maximise your enjoyment of this exhilarating and rewarding process, therefore we work closely with leading yacht designers, naval architects, shipyards and contractors around the world.

Our range of service for newbuild projects are summarised, but not limited to:

  • Creation of the design project in liaison with collaborating designers and architects
  • Detailed construction budgeting, cost estimation and project funds allocation.
  • Selection of the most suitable shipyard and contractors, engineers
  • Selection of suppliers, equipment, materials, of the furnishing and the interior,
  • Monitoring of the correct performing of the customers’ requirements and abidance to the existing rules and regulations,
  • Design and construction expenses control,
  • Frequent visits during the construction, liaison with shipyard and contractors - engineers
  • Vessel and equipment commissioning,
  • Organizing of the procedure of certification, registration and insurance,
  • Crew selection and yacht transportation to the required location,
  • Consultancy and owner's representation on warranty issues.

In Saltwater Yachts we strive to adhere to customer’s requirement and implement the vision and dream to a fascinating newbuild yacht project, one which everyone will be exceptionally proud to have been involved in.